Plastic Molds & Ion Plated Stainless Steel


Ion Plated Stainless Steel is a fairly new technique for jewelry plating. The process is used to apply a hardwearing and durable finish to stainless steel jewelry designs. Ion plated jewelry has been proven to be five to eight times more durable than traditional methods used in coating jewelry and ion plating requires less material for coating due to its process. Due to this, Ion Plated (IP) Stainless Steel is not only great for durability, it also helps to ensure the integrity and price of KA Designs.


Once we finalize a design, a plastic mold is made in its likeness. The plastic mold is then filled with liquid stainless steel. The stainless steel design is then cleaned of all impurities through a process known as sputtering. Next, we prepare our 18K Yellow Gold and/or 18K Rose Gold with a bonding agent. Both the coating and bonding agent are then vaporized by an electrical charge and the vapor is propelled onto the bonding material. Lastly, an opposite electrical charge is introduced and that forces the coating and underlying layer to bond. Our ‘Silver’ ion plated stainless steel designs are always solid stainless steel, our yellow gold designs are 18K Yellow Gold over stainless steel and our Rose Gold designs are 18K Rose Gold over stainless steel.