White Howlite

What Is Howlite?

Howlite is a borate mineral found in evaporite deposits and was discovered near Windsor, Nova Scotia in 1868 by Henry How, hence its name, Howlite. Howlite has a very porous texture and can be dyed to imitate other minerals, especially turquoise because of the similar veining in the stone.

KA Fun Fact ...

Many people mistake our ‘Pepper’ designs for marble, but they are all made with genuine White Howlite.

Where Can White Howlite Be Found?

Howlite was originally discovered near Windsor, Nova Scotia, however most howlite used in jewelry design now comes from areas near Los Angeles, California. Howlite deposits have also been found in Germany, Mexico, Russia, and Turkey, but are not as plentiful as in California.

What Are Some Common Uses For White Howlite?

Howlite is believed to be a calming stone and it is said to physically calm the body and releases muscle tension. This stone is widely used to reduce anxiety, tension and stress and is said to assist in the elimination of pain and rage.

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