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What Is The History Behind Our Bangle Collection - Quartz Bracelets?

Our Bangle Collection - Quartz Necklace was inspired by KA’s Best Selling Quartz Bangle. Steven, KA Owner and COO actually designed our Quartz Necklace himself! He did really well, right?! The initial design went through three rounds of design changes, making sure that the chain selected added to the design, instead of overpowering it. We wanted to design a piece to compliment our Quartz Bracelet, something that could be dressed up or down. The stone and setting were our biggest inspirations, but we also wanted the necklace to have a symmetrical form which would allow you to see the intricacies of the stone’s formation. The Bangle Collection - Quartz Necklace was finally released in April 2017 and is offered in three metal options, Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold.

What Makes This Necklace Unique?

Our Bangle Collection - Quartz Necklace features dual, raw quartz stones. Each stone is a hand picked, and no two stones are alike. Both stones are set in an ion-plated stainless steel pendant or 18K gold ion-plated stainless steel pendant. We use the highest quality plating in the industry, not only for the design aspect, but the durability and wearability of ion-plated designs. We do hand select each rock for all of our stones. We tend to like thicker (more sparkly) stones, but it is never a guarantee when choosing the rocks. We actually do not know what kind of stone we will have until the rock is opened, so a lot of time and care go into choosing the best stones for each piece. The Kinsley Armelle charm and 34” chain included with the pendant are also ion plated stainless steel. This necklace design is truly timeless and will stand the test of time.

How Does KA Suggest Styling Our Bangle Collection - Quartz Necklaces?

The chain on this design is long, which makes it a great piece to wear with oversized tops and maxi dresses. We love pairing this necklace with our Bangle Collection - Magna Quartz Ring and KA Signature Design, our Bangle Collection - Quartz Bracelets.

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