Cuff Collection - Gold & Silver Bracelets

WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION BEHIND OUR CUFF COLLECTION GOLD AND SILVER BRACELETS? Our Cuff Collection bracelets were first introduced in our 2018-04 April Klub KA Stacks. We designed these bracelets specifically for this Klub KA Stack and created a new collection just for these designs.

Our Cuff Collection features a simplistic bangle with Kinsley Armelle inscribed on the inner band. This design is one of Crystal’s (KA Owner & Creative Director) absolute favorites.

The simplistic, chic design can be worn as a stand alone bracelet or used as a ‘filler’ to break up beaded stack designs. We LOVE the versatility of this design!

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO STYLE OUR CUFF COLLECTION GOLD & SILVER BRACELETS? Crystal wears her Cuff Collection - Gold Bracelet almost every day with one of her Tempus Collection Watches. This design also stacks really well with both our all metal designs and beaded bracelets. See some of our collector favorites below!

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