Eternity Collection - Coral Bracelet

WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION BEHIND OUR ETERNITY COLLECTION - CORAL BRACELET? Our Eternity Collection is comprised of simple, classic designs that can be worn casual or dressy. The collection is named Eternity because of the decorative, charm bling included on each design. The stone beads and jeweled charms are always circles, which universally symbolize eternity.

Our Eternity Collection Coral Bracelet was released in our 2018 Spring launch. We wanted to introduce spring colors into our signature Eternity Collection. We already use peach aventurine in several of our other designs, but we fell in love with the matte aventurine stones and released several matte stone designs in bright hues into this collection for our 2018 Spring Launch.

WHAT STONES ARE USED ON OUR ETERNITY COLLECTION - CORAL BRACELET DESIGNS? We use aventurine! Aventurine is a form of quartz that is characterized by its mineral inclusions, which can often give a shimmering effect (called aventurescence or aventurization) and its translucency. Aventurine is commonly known to come in green, but it actually comes in a variety of colors. We use 6mm and 8mm matte peach aventurine in our Eternity Collection Coral Designs.

Peach Aventurine complements all skin tones and is considered to be a neutral colored stone. Aventurine is believed to be a stone of good luck and many believe that wearing this stone helps ease anxiety, stress, worry, and even shyness.

HOW DOES KA RECOMMEND STYLING OUR ETERNITY COLLECTION - CORAL BRACELETS? Our Eternity Collection Coral Bracelet is the perfect piece to stack! You can mix metals, textures, colors, shapes, and styles. A classic design and perfect for any season! Our Eternity Collection Coral Bracelets are on Last Call and stock is limited! Stock up on these beauties before they are gone!

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