Eternity Collection - Scarlet Bracelet

WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION BEHIND OUR ETERNITY COLLECTION - SCARLET BRACELET? Our Eternity Collection - Scarlet Bracelet made its debut in our 2018-07 July Klub KA Stack. We chose pink chalcedony stones to create this design. We wanted this bracelet to coordinate with the stacks other two bracelets (Holly Collection - Ballet Bracelet and Trinity Collection - Scarlet Bracelet), but with a more vibrant pink stone. This bracelet is included in our Eternity Collection because of the decorative charm bling included in the design. The gold charm is ultimately a circle and reminded Crystal that it is never ending or eternal, so we called the collection, Eternity!

WHAT IS PINK CHALCEDONY? Chalcedony is the compact and microcrystalline form of Quartz and can be found worldwide in many different locations. Chalcedony is sometimes dyed to create more vibrant colors, which is the case for the vibrant pink chalcedony that we use in this design.

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