Klub Kinsley

Our Klub KA Monthly Subscription gives YOU the opportunity to flaunt KA's newest designs BEFORE they are even released!

HOW DOES KLUB KA WORK? On the 1st day of every month, KLUB KA Subscribers receive 1-3 NEW DESIGNS before we release them for sale to the general public.

With a Level I KLUB KA Subscription, you receive ONE (1) NEW design, Level II Subscribers receive TWO (2) NEW designs, and Level III Subscribers receive THREE (3) NEW designs.

We always make CURRENT month (Level III KLUB KA Subscription) available for 20% off regular price for THAT MONTH ONLY after our monthly subscribers receive their KLUB KA (usually after the 10th of respective month).

You can always purchase previous KLUB KA 'Stacks' BUT they will be regular priced once their respective month is over.

WHO PICKS THE STYLES? Each KLUB KA piece is designed and curated by our Founder and Creative Director, Crystal. Crystal collaborates with the latest social media stylists, KA Brand Ambassadors, and leading industry leaders to identify new trends and design pieces that reflect her personal eye for design while focusing on quality, price point and wearability.

WHAT IF I WANT TO OPT OUT? What could be better? New designs at a discounted price, delivered to your door, each and every month! However, we do understand if Klub KA is not for you.

You can cancel after three billings from your account page. It really is as easy as the click of a button.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Sign up for a KLUB KA Membership today ... LEVEL I, II, or III ... YOU decide!

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