Stone Collection - Dusk Bracelet

What Inspired Our Stone Collection - Dusk Bracelet?

Our Stone Collection Bracelets were inspired by the natural beauty of the large, druzy quartz stones featured in each design. They have been KA fan favorites since the beginning. Our original design, our Stone Collection - Blush Bracelet, made its debut in February 2016. Since then, we have expanded on the collection to include several variations of our original design. Our Stone Collection - Dusk Bracelet was released in August 2018 and quickly became a bestseller. Each large, druzy stone is a natural cut stone and its edges have been wet-plated with ion plated stainless steel or 18K yellow gold ion plated stainless steel to protect and enhance its natural beauty. Every stone is unique and tells its own story through its ridges and rocky patterns.

What Stones Are Used To Create Our ‘Dusk’ Designs?

We use Matte Gray Picasso Jasper Stones to create our ‘Dusk’ designs. Jasper is an aggregate (mass of mineral crystals) of quartz and chalcedony. It comes in a variety of colors but is most commonly known to be red. Jasper is mined all around the world. Picasso Jasper is believed to bring optimism and can assist in positively transforming relationships.

What Is The Best Way To Style Our Stone Collection - Dusk Bracelet?

Our Stone Collection - Dusk Bracelet can be worn season after season. The unique patterns in each jasper bead bring out different tones depending on what you pair it with. This design can definitely make a statement on its own but stacking it with our all metal designs can create a bracelet set unique to you and your style.

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