Featured Materials - Introduction

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Featured Materials

What are featured Materials?

Every month, here at Kinsley Armelle, we would like to showcase different materials! In order for our customers to better understand the quality of each of our different designs, we want to take some time to explain. The materials we use all have their own story; we will be sharing a few here.

Why would You be interested?

We pride ourselves on the quality and design of each and every product. Our materials and mold process is unique; we take extra time ensuring that each product will last. From ion plating our gold and silver materials, to selecting the best stone qualities, we have discovered a lot about the different materials and process along our journey. We want to share this with you, so that you can better understand why KA designs are worth being in your favorite collections!

can i request a new Material to be featured?

If you have absolutely any requests for an upcoming featured material, just send us an email to hello@kinsleyarmelle.com. Our customers mean everything to us, so we are here for you!



Founder, Creative Director

As the Founder and Creative Director for Kinsley Armelle, Crystal is constantly seeking ways to improve designs and stay up to date with industry trends. More so, she strives to strengthen customer relationships by cultivating a team environment that understands the importance of ensuring every KA customer is happy with their purchase.

With a customer support team dedicated to quality service; she insists every women should be confident purchasing and having Kinsley Armelle in their collection. She is on a mission to prove KA designs are the best quality and price point in the industry.

Featured Materials



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