Metallic Collection - Hybrid Bracelet

$ 18.99

Introducing, the Metallic Collection - Hybrid Bracelet:

Our Metallic Collection is a combination of stacks that includes metallic bars of different shades.  These bracelets provide a light weight option to mix and match different tones of silver and gold plated collections.  We love to stack these with other bracelets to really make everything match.  We hope you love the Metallic Collection, exclusively from Kinsley Armelle.

Details about the Metallic Collection - Hybrid Bracelet:

  • Light Weight
  • Three Lace Cords
  • Three Metallic Bars
  • 7-8 Inch Circumference

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

We absolutely agree.  So, we wondered...

Is a video worth a thousand images?  

Check out this 360 degree video and you decide: