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Sizing Guide - Necklaces

Your Perfect Size Awaits!

Looking For Help To Determine What Size Kinsley Armelle Necklace You Should Order? You've Come To The Right Place! Check Out The Chart Below To Find Your Perfect Necklace Length!

Tips & Tricks For Finding The Perfect Length:

Go grab your favorite necklace and a measuring tape! It's super easy to find the length of chain that best fits you. Simply measure the length of your favorite necklace while it is clasped and then double that length to find your chain length!

Keep in mind! Your torso length and bust size play a big part in how your necklace will sit! Many of our necklace styles are available with different chain length options that can be chosen to reflect your personal preference and style.

If you are not in love with your necklace, reach out to us at or (281) 801-6773 to exchange within 30 days.

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