Jasper Collection - Saddle Bracelet

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Pleasantly surprised!

I loved the saddle bracelet the moment I saw it, but was worried it was to busy and I would never wear it...I Ultimately decided to get one and I am so glad I did! It is so beautiful and it goes with everything. I have small wrists, so the bracelet is a bit big for me, but not enough to make me not like it.

Introducing, the Jasper Collection - Saddle Bracelet:

Our Jasper Collection combines contemporary druzy and stone accents with the signature placement of a Jasper Arrowhead.  Soft, elegant features were fuzed with bold to make this a perfect piece for all occasions.  We are so thrilled to offer this new line to you, exclusively from Kinsley Armelle.

Details about the Jasper Collection - Saddle Bracelet:

  • Round Stone Beads
  • Decorative Charm Bling
  • Gold Plated Arrowhead
  • 6-7 Inch Circumference

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