Prepaid Klub Kinsley Level III - 12 Month Subscription

$ 539.95 $ 899.99

Introducing, the Klub Kinsley - Level III 12 Month Subscription:

Our Klub Kinsley Level III 12 month subscription is an exciting new opportunity to stay ahead of the pack and receive our latest styles before they're released!  Here are some details:


How does it work?

  • In the Level III pack, for 12 months you will receive 3 hand-picked items (up to 74.99 value) from new seasonal and/or our most popular collection!  If you'd only like to receive one or two bracelets, check out our Level I or Level II monthly subscriptions.

Who picks the styles?

  • We work with our amazing social media stylists and ambassadors to identify new trends.  Then our design team will hand-pick your items.  What could be better?!  You will stay ahead of the pack and get a surprise package every single month!

What if I want to cancel?

    • With this prepaid subscription, there is no need to cancel. After 12 months, you will not receive anymore subscriptions.  You can choose to sign up again though if you loved everything!


*Discount codes not valid on Klub Kinsley packages




Note: Orders will ship at the beginning of each month. You will only be charged once as this is a prepaid subscription.